P.R.O.P.H.E.T is a Minnesota paranormal investigation  team, researching paranormal
activity that haunts our everyday lives in the Midwest. We use the latest equipment
including EMF detectors , EVP recorders, Thermo Couplers, IR cameras, Digital Cameras,
remote temperature gauges, electrical analysis equipment and many more hands on
procedures and equipment to investigate and evaluate an event. We attempt to record
the events and if investigators discover  an earthly answer  during the investigation we
will share it with the client, how ever it is ultimately the clients decision to determine if it
is their true haunting.

The supernatural and paranormal that lies with in the scope of our interest are ghosts,
poltergeists, apparitions, haunting's, entities, spirits and supernatural folklores that
exists in the haunted Midwest.

P.R.O.P.H.E.T is eager to share investigations and research  with other Midwest Ghost
Hunters /Paranormal investigators. Our Ghost Hunters are always open to new options  
to capture and record any haunting  involving poltergeist, entities and ghosts.

We look forward to hearing from all that shares our beliefs in the supernatural.
Team members have
investigated paranormal
activity for years with in the
Midwest. It is a passion  for
our founders since we were
teenagers roaming through
haunted local cemeteries
shrouded in fog late at
night. We have investigated
personal experience's ,
family experience's and
cases referenced to us from
out side sources. The
frequency & similarities
were the driving force to
create an official Minnesota
" Ghost Hunter Team".
We are dedicated to
researching paranormal
activity in the Midwest and
All definitions on Ghost, Poltergeist,Entities,Phantoms,Demons and angels are Team PROPHETS thoughts. These are in some cases original writings but may
be used for personal publishing's with permission from PROPHET.
All pictures including haunted business,private residence and cemeteries are original works also  copyright protected by PROPHET ( Paranormal

Copyright © 2008 COPYRIGHT P.R.O.P.H.E.T of MN. All rights reserved.

All Pictures contained in the photo albums are exclusive to PROPHET of MN and are copyright protected.
All cultures support one or another form of Ghost, Spirits, entities and guardians along with demons.

This is where the need for Paranormal investigators come from.

Team PROPHET  offers secure investigations in to possible hauntings in Minnesota and all of the Midwest.

Please review our equipment page for a complete list of the equipment we use to detect ghost,poltergeist,phantoms and entities. Our
equipment includes items for detecting paranormal activities along with equipment to find earthly answers.

We would like you to review our list of investigations in to local paranormal activity in the Midwest. These investigations include Minnesota,
Wisconsin, Iowa , Michigan and Missouri. Team PROPHET  truly believes that the Midwest boast some of the most authentic ghost hauntings
as anywhere in the world.

If you believe you have a haunting and are in need of our services, you can contact our team of paranormal investigators through our secure
contact page.

Our Ghost hunters are discreet and sincere, and will conduct them selves in a professional manner. Some of our theories and methods are
slightly different from the mainline groups when it comes to ghost, poltergeists and entities and the detection of such hauntings.

Please review our glossary and theories page for definitions and our thoughts on the Paranormal existence of Spirits.

Please also review our poll page and help us determine the truths about ghost,poltergeists and their existence. Team PROPHET is eager to
learn other thoughts and theories on the subject of hauntings and the paranormal world.
The mind set of Ghost Hunting;

There are several considerations that need attention when preparing for Ghost Hunting.

The first is of course location. The Midwest boast many hauntings both in public and private areas that sport a reputation. Ghosts are INTERNATIONAL , any where a poor soul
past away....alows the possibility for a haunting. This is why ghost hunting is INTERNATIONAL and spans many cultures and techniques.

The Second thing that needs to be considered is a haunting requires a witness. It is important that you understand there can be many  hauntings that either have no witnesses
or is witnessed by a non-believer and gets explained away with the most convient earthly answers. With that said if you believe it could be haunted, follow your instincts.

The third consideration would be frequency…if your gut tells you it is haunted do not get discouraged because a lack of evidence. Remember some hauntings happend every
day some happend less frequent, just stick with it.

Fourth consideration  is avoid preconceived expectations of the event. Evidence will not always be in the usual forms. Familiarize yourself with your surroundings and watch for
out of the norm events.

Finally, this is where you need to remember that you are a paranormal investigator. It will challenge your abilities as a detective to recognize evidence , to investigate and
discover the story that lies behind most hauntings.

Remember the communication and evidence is often jumbled and incoherent.But it really is there to be discovered.

Enjoy, Brian
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Team;   Kim, Patty, Cyndi and Brian ( Team Lead )
Investigating the possibilities!!!